Jake Pavelka claims the end of his The Bachelor journey could be a head scratcher for some fans but not-so-surprising for others.

"I think the ending is probably going to puzzle a lot of people," The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love star told TVGuide.com in a interview published Saturday.

"And I think some others are going to go, 'Ok, yeah. If you look back, you could see this.'"

During the interview, Pavelka also talked about Vienna Girardi, who has been rumored to be The Bachelor star's final pick but has clashed with the season's other bachelorettes, causing them to repeatedly warn Pavelka that he hasn't been seeing her true character.

"I want to see things for myself. I know what to watch for. They were telling me these things about Vienna," he said. 

"The problem with that is it's starting to get so out of control... it's like I've got 15 minutes with you. Do you really want to throw all these other girls under the bus when you're spending time with me? I'm seeing some true colors here."

Pavelka's comments about the ABC reality dating series' fourteenth-season conclusion come less than a week after he told Entertainment Tonight that something "horrible" and "awful" that made him feel "devastation" is also awaiting viewers in the season's remaining episodes.

He added the incident -- which he dubbed the season's "lowest point" -- was much "juicier" than anything viewers have seen on the first three episodes of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, which filmed last fall.

That could be difficult given that so far the season has included The Bachelor's producers dismissing Rozlyn Papa for an "inappropriate relationship" with fired producer Ryan Callahan and Pavelka's own decision to eliminate Michelle Kujawa early.

Since he's "starting to get close with some of the women and it's lulling with some of the others," Pavelka said he plans to do something unconventional during the season's fourth Rose Ceremony, which will air on this week's The Bachelor episode.

"I don't know if [host Chris Harrison] would let me do it, but I make some odd requests to break up the protocol of the show and break the standard model that they normally like to follow," he told TVGuide.com.