Corrie Adamson doesn't feel any of the season's four remaining bachelorettes are a good long-term match for The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love star Jake Pavelka.

"I just, either way, didn't see him with anyone, long-term, in all honesty," Adamson, whom Pavelka rejected during Monday night's broadcast, told reporters during a Thursday conference call. 

"But I think that him and [Vienna Girardi] and [Ali Fedotowsky] all had a really strong connection and I think [Tenley Molzahn] is a really great girl and he'd be lucky to have her.  And I loved [Gia Allemand] to death, she was one of my good friends while I was there -- but I don't see her and Jake together at all."

Girardi is rumored to be the woman Pavelka selected when the show's finale was filmed last fall, which doesn't surprise Adamson.

"They had a strong connection and I won't be surprised to see that.  [But] I will be surprised if they last," she told reporters before explaining her comment.

"Because of the connection I saw I won't be surprised if he picks her at all but I will be a little bit surprised to see them last."

Adamson described Girardi as "a lot of fun" and a "really fun girl," which is why she feels Pavelka liked her so much.

"I think [Vienna] probably makes Jake feel really young and she's a lot of fun.  And she probably makes him feel like a man, and I think he likes that," she explained.

"But as far as what Jake said he's looking for and stuff, I just think they're really different."

Girardi's behavior during the show's filming upset many of the season's other bachelorettes, which Adamson attributed to her "big personality."

"So her personality clashes with a lot of the other girls," she told reporters. 

"I think some people felt like she could be mean, but I don't think she was intentionally mean -- I don't think she's mean-spirited -- I think she's just young and sometimes doesn't think before she speaks."
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While several of the other bachelorettes have been vocal in expressing their dislike of Girardi to Pavelka, Adamson said she largely tried to stay away from the squabbles.

"Vienna talked bad about a lot of the girls in the beginning and because of that I tried to be careful around her and didn't put myself around her too much," she explained. 

"But overall she's a funny girl, she's a lot of fun, and she didn't get on my nerves like she did with the other girls."

Girardi's former mother-in-law recently claimed the bachelorette wiped out her ex-husband's life savings to pay for breast implants while he was deployed in Iraq. The ex-husband, Josh Riley, also accused Girardi of cheating on him while he was deployed and called marrying her a "mistake."

Adamson attributed the allegations to "rumor and gossip." 

"I just think when it comes to that kind of stuff you kind of have to take it with a grain of salt, because I thought Vienna was a sweet girl," she said. 

"I don't think she has a malicious heart in any way.  So I was surprised to hear that stuff but I don't necessarily believe it."